Change the mission waypoints mid flight via external methods

I too have a similar requirement.

Allow me to change the mission files/waypoints mid flight via external methods, Is this possible ?

Been reading the wiki, and the forums, nothing pops out yet.

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There’s something going on in this respect. I’ll point the developers to this thread.

You can do this with the radio telemetry units and one of the android apps (eg. droidplanner) running on a phone or a tablet. Is that what you meant, or do you mean programatically?

It is possible to use mavproxy and scripts/code, there is also a more direct API, and the developers are currently discussing adding a specific method of integrating external onboard computers into the flight controller flight modes, so for example the pixhawk could fly part of an auto mission to a specific point then handoff control to an external computer (for example doing computer vision to find something) then take control back on a timer or when handed control back from the external computer.

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ps - you can hook an external onboard computer quite simply, like this:

I’ve got a raspberry hooked up talking to the pixhawk using mavproxy and controlling it all over the raspberry wifi - I had to do this when my telemetry radios broke. I haven’t been brave enough, but it’s entirely possible to control the pixhawk mid flight through mavproxy running on the raspberry.

Be careful with WiFi and 2,4 control

How would you go about doing this?