Change speed in stabilize mode

Hi everybody

I’d like to change the speed from the Iris in the stabilize mode. I tried it in px4Eclipse and used wp_nav.set_speed_xy() and set there a speed in. But the Iris didn’t react on this Input. Is there another possibility to change the speed horizontal and vertical?

Thanks in advance

in stabilise mode lean angle and thottle control horizontal speed…from pilot input. The params you are iusing are not the correct ones for stab mode.

if you are full stick this is 45 degrees lean angle by default (does that match what you are seeing?)…if and only if you have enough power you can increase the max lean angle in the param…this could cause issues if you don’t have enough power though. Which by the fact you want more vertical speed could be an issue, in stabilise pretty much full throttle on the transmitter will ask for full speed from the esc. If this is actually slow at the minute you may not have the power to have fast vertical or horizontal. How fast is it going now?

A dataflash log file with you driving fast will hopefully let someone evaluate if you have power in reserve tog o faster or there is some other issue/limitation.


Thank you!
I’d like to read in the horizontal speed. Afterward I’d like to calculate another speed and set this at new speed. For example, when I actually have high speed, I’d like to calculate a lower speed. This would be horizontal and vertical.
I found out, that get_pilot_desired_lean_angle return all the speeds horizontal and vertical. Is that right? But how can I set a specific output speed?


Your question maybe in the wrong forum.

It sounds like you want to fly in Stabilize mode at some speed and then calculate that speed to use later to set that as your default speed.

There is no speed control in Stabilize mode so you would be using it in Auto Mission mode.

You would also have to calculate the speed based on GPS information as that would give you a speed based on a specific lean angle provided there is no wind.


Yes, it could be that this question is in the wrong Forum.

My idea is a bit differently. I want to fly in Stabilize mode at some Speed. The Speed I’d like to calculate is based on the actual Speed. This new speed is used for short. The Default Speed remains the same.

Yes, your English needs some help.

The GPS unit does calculate the speed that you could use. You would need only to capture the Pitch and Roll values at that time to determine the speed based on Lean angle.


Sorry I misunderstood what you were asking. I thought you were asking for more speed not a set speed.

I can’t help you make stabalise do what you want. It is a basic control scheme that it controlled by the pilot withing the limits of the lean angle limits.

What are you trying to do?

Loiter mode as a speed parameter that when at full stick will be limited and controlled to that speed.

Hi i would need to set a speed to , could you help me ? I do not know in which mode I could do that.
I’m one arduplane.