Change SBUS input pin

I have MatekF405 wing fc and trying to change the pin for incoming SBus from receiver

So, I’d connect SBus from rc to R3 pin, select serial 3 protocol to RCIN, but no SBus input.

Please advice how I can configure this.


(I’d set my rc to output non-inverted SBus)

Yeah… I’d solved this.
The problem was in sbus inversion.

Can you explain how you solved this ? Did you use an external convertor?

So, the SBus pin on each flight controller has built-in inverter.

If you want to use any other pin, you’ll need to have external inverter. I was used Frsky stuff a lot in the past, so I can know a lot about inverting signals.

Fortunately now I switched to DL. Their receiver could output inverted SBus signal as well. You can choose in configurator which kind of SBus you need - direct or inverted.

When you have inverted SBus, you can connect to any Uart R pin and choose
Serial N protocol = RCIN in ardupilot.
No other settings are required.


I’ll give that a try. Thanks!