Change in Terrain Height Causing Aggressive Vehicle Correction

Hi all,

The research team I work on is conducting a demo where we land our hexa delivery drone on a truck to prove a latch prototype that was built. We use IRLock for precision landing which requires a LiDAR altitude measurement. When the drone is flown over the truck (not in a mission) the LiDAR sees an altitude change of about three meters and the flight controller raises the altitude to compensate.

I see WPNAV_RFND_USE=0 ignores LiDAR altitude measurments during a waypoint mission (I have not tested this), but for testing purposes we would also like to ignore LiDAR in position hold. However, I assume the LiDAR is necessary in LAND mode to assist the IRLock. Is there a way to prevent the drone from reacting to a suddent change in lidar while still allowing IRLock to function?

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.