Change in Autotune parameter save behaviour?

In Copter 3.x it was possible to switch to LAND mode after a successfull Autotune flight. The copter landed and on disarming it saved the new parameter values. This was definitivly so, because I did that very often.

In Copter 4.03, as soon as you switch to LAND flight mode, the copter immediately discards the new Autotune values and restores the old parameters.

But I cannot find any documentation that this behaviour was changed?

i can confirm that this behavior has changed in AC 4.x
pilot must land with autotune flight mode or you can change to LAND flight mode and before disarming motors change to Autotune again then disarm copter to save PIDs

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Oh, this is clearly a disadvangage. Maybe the devs think about reverting this behavior back again to as it was in 3.x.

I agree I liked the old behavior. Was nice not to have to worry about things and just switch to land and have the quad land itself saving tune params.

Me too. Pre 4.x I would do the autotune then switch to stabilize to land it with the autotune switch high and it would save the PIDs. Now if I change flight mode it will discard the PIDs.

I guess I bumped into this yesterday. I have autotune on a switch, not flight mode.

Autotune would successfully complete in PosHold

I wanted to test the PIDS in acro, so I flipped the autotune switch → low → high which should have loaded the new PIDS. Then enabled Acro FM, flew for a bit, and landed with the autotune switch on.

Nothing new got saved.

It wouldn’t because it was in Acro when disarmed. It doesn’t matter if Auto Tune is an RC Option or a Flight mode, it’s overridden all the same when the mode is changed. If you would have toggled the Auto Tune switch again it would have been in Auto Tune when disarmed.

ooooh. So if I follow this sequence, I would properly test the new tuning in acro and save it?

Switch to PosHold → Flip Autotune switch on → wait for autotune to complete → switch to acro → flip autotune switch off → on. Fly and then land.

Yes, that would work. As long as you toggle it back to Auto Tune before disarming you are good.