"change home location here" feature gives "Bad fence point" error


Hello guys,

Yesterday I had a mission where I tryed to use “dynamic home point” or “moving base/home point”. To do so I followed the instructions and I connected a Garmin GPS to PC and told Mission Planner to use “Update Rally 0” while I was moving on a car. Everything was connected but during the whole flight I got the “Bad fence point” error. I searched on the web and found nothing about that error. What could it be? I dont have geofence activated.

The log for download is: https://we.tl/t-S1NadzJMa1

Thank you in advance.


What firmware version?
If you fly with GPS it is advisable to activate geofencing and enable all pre-arming checks.

Thank you for your reply. I am using arduplane 3.8.4.
I dont use geofencing, is that the reason of that error?
Thank you.

AFAIK you need either ArduPlane 4.0.x or github master for that feature to work.
Again, it is advisable to enable geofencing. You can put a radius as big as you want.

Great! I was reading any kind of info about the moving base but cannot find about which version is compatible.
When the flight was done, the plane did a RTL to the moving rally point so it worked. The problem is that error that keep coming.
Do you recommend geofencing when doing this kind of moving base mission or always?
Thank you again.

I’m not sure if the feature is present on the stable release.
So to be on the safe side you should test the github master daily snapshot version .
Always use a correctly configured and enabled geofencing.

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Thank you Amilcarlucas. I cant find any info about the stable or beta release for the moving base, so I am having the same doubt about the cause of that error as the beginning.

My bad. You want “rally points” and "“change home here” and I misunderstood that you wanted “RTK moving Base” feature. Those are two different things.

For your need just use the latest stable. And set a big geofence. you should be golden.

Great Amilcarlucas!!! I will update and try again! Thank you for your time and replies!!!