Change Configuration while operating

I’m trying to build a plane, with tiltable wings. The plane is supposed to have 4 wings (front and back) with 2 Motors on each wing. Resulting in a total of 8 motors. On each wing, there is going to be one motor for the takeoff and one for the horizontal flight (for better efficiency). The flight controller is going to be a pixhawk 2. Is there a way to tell the flight controller to use different motors in horizontal flight, than in vertical and vice versa?
Plus, can you switch some settings (like the orientation of the flight controller: AHRS_ORIENTATION) while flying? Something like if a switch is activated or even if the angle of attack is higher than a given degree, than the AHRS_Orientation gets set to 3 instead of 2 for example.
I would really appreciate if anyone knows an answer to one of those Questions.

Have you read through this section of the wiki? and related pages? If so, we can begin to address some more specifics about why the current code won’t support what you want to do. It sounds like you might be wanting to do tailsitting (having multiple AHRS_Orientations) and quadplane, but I’m not sure.

Hi Nathan,
thanks for your reply. Sorry if my first post was a little confusing. Basically, I have multiple questions which aren’t really related to each other.

  1. Is it possible to change the value of a Parameter in flight? (something like the AHRS_OIENTATION)
  2. Is it possible to change from a quadrocopter to a plane while flying? (Plane with more than one motor)
  3. Is it possible to use different motors, according to what angle the flight controller measures?
    Greeting Mathis
  1. Yes, some parameters can change, however the AHRS_ORIENTATION cannot. It requires a reboot, and changing it mid-flight would cause the EKF havoc.

  2. Yes; that’s how VTOL Planes work. Some use tilting rotors, others use separate propulsion system.

  3. Sort of; It’s not based on angle alone. Look at VTOL or quadplane transitions as well as the parameter Q_ASSIST_SPEED.

Do you know which parameters can be changed and which not?
Greetings Mathis

Another question: what is the cons port for?