Change altitude source

I want to change altitude source on Mission Planner I learned I have to use EK2 method but the last one doesn’t appear on my congfig screen as show in the link bellow : problem_missiion_planner.png - Google Drive
Thnak you for your help and your patience

Where did you read that?

That is wrong. It can and must be done with EK3

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First Switch to EK3 not EK2
Try to set “EK3_SRC1_POSZ” To change altitude source.

Sorry to answer lately, it was my weekend (we had the Pentecost and the monday also). So I did what you advice Anup_Ahlawat, but I always have a difference between sonarange (the measure from my radar) and altitude in quick tab. As it show in this video bellow :

I read that on Ardupilot official site (source : Complete Parameter List — Copter documentation)

Let me explain you something the Altitude in quick tab is from barometer but when you set a “EK3_SRC1_POSZ” that means during EKF operation it uses the same source as defined in this parameter. So when you actually fly the done you gonna see different reading in altitude quick tab but drone will maintain its height from the source information quite precisely(If you are using rangefinder) so exact information about altitude can be get from the set source message itself. If still any confusion feel free to ask.