Change all values of DO_SET_CAM_TRIG_DIST

Thanks at Michael_Oborne for the excellent work in mission planner, for me would be helpful to introduce the possibility to change in one command all the values of DO_SET_CAM_TRIG_DIST present in a WPs file, if this possibility it’s instead present some one can explain me how to do?


I’ve needed to do similar operations before, and I can say the execution can be made relatively simple (the waypoint files are plain text, human readable) and may even be done via Notepad++: ctrl+f Find & Replace. The file text header values take some getting used to, though (human-readable is a relative term). Each Command and Waypoint type has an integer identifier, here is a comprehensive list of values corresponding to each type (DO_SET_CAM_TRIG_DIST is value #206).

I do not, however, know how hard that would be to integrate with the Mission Planner backend, as I’ve not tested whether MP is tolerant of field values changing under its nose. Also not sure such a procedure can be cleanly integrated as a button, as I already found the Waypoint/Event menu rather confusing as a first-time user. Perhaps a right-click context menu would be a better approach - stated as “Replace Field Values” or the like?

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Thanks Evan for the suggestion, in fact your method works well and is better than redoing the mission especially if complex, certainly isn’t not a practical solution when you’re in the field with a small pc, the sun etc…
I hope in a integrate solution in MP.

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You can just make a small bash or python script to do that…