Chaging 3DR 433MHz radio frequency

I have a 3DR 433MHz radio for telemetry. I would like to change it’s frequency to 446MHz or 867MHz, if possible. Does anyone has any idea on how to do that and what will be the impact on range?

Hello. I dont have 3dr telemetry but i have RTK gps which includes the same UHF radio and probably identical device. You have to enter AT mode via Putty , When it says OK enter ATI5 for a start. It will list all parameters. On my radio changing start frequecy requires command “ATS8=868”, end frequency “ATS9=869” and dont forget to write changes “AT&W”.Find and check the manual for your radio.Not 100% sure if your chip will support the frequency. If not it will probably reject it by error code.If you are from EU, you will benefit by changing to 868 as 433 is soo noisy.All general use devices comunicate on that freq .But If you are far out of urban areas, i guess 433 should be ok with even greater range than 868

Not sure, but I thought Mission Planner had some areas (utilities) to see radio setting and tune wattage, and maybe change the frequency?

Yes it does. You can use the SiK Radio settings from the Setup page >> Optional Hardware. Plug in the telemetry radio and power up the drone like normal, but do not “Connect” mission planner. Check that you have the correct com port and baud rate (57600) Just go to the setup menu and make your changes to the SiK Radios.

You will need to check the spec of the radio. The radios work on a frequency range so you’ll be able to set the min and max frequency. However there are physical and legal limitations. Your 433 radio may be able to go to 446, but I doubt it will go to 867. And even if you can set it, it may not work that well because you should also change the antenna to match the frequency range. If you have 433 radios, they will work best in the 433 band. Switching will likely only degrade performance. You’re best to use the radio in the frequency range it was intended for. If you need one of the other ranges then you’ll probably need to purchase a new set of radios.

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