Ch9 to Ch16 out not monitored in Status screen


Working on my gimbal settings, I cannot visualize Ch9out (or 10 to 14) in the Status Screen. (MP

Ch9out is working (telemetry log), but Status Ch9out stay at 0.

On that card ch10, 11, 12in are configured and used. Ch10 to 12out status value is 0.



What version of copter are you running?

Hello Michael,

This one is 3.3.3 on a VRBrain 5.2. R/C is Futaba T14SG with R6303SB (sBus),

Log Graph is Channel 6 input (Red) and Channel 9 Out (Green) with Tilt stab activated

I had a try with another computer (W7 and Mission Planner 1.38), with the same result.

I can try with my Navio2 (3.4rc4).


I also got these problem, do you know why?