Ch9 & ch10 flysky (solved)

In english with google translator (I’m spanish) :

Hello, I have a 10-channel flysky fs-i6s and a 10-channel receiver, the flysky fs-ia10b, in my pixhawk, but when I try to calibrate it, I only calibrate 8 channels, 9 and 10 do not detect them. Do I have to activate them somewhere?
I have seen that the station does the broadcast. I have configured that when channel 7 is activated, it emits the copter loss beep and it works, but I do exactly the same thing for channel 9 or 10 and it does nothing, I have looked at the statistics and when I move the switches I have Assigned to channel 9 and 10 there is no change.

Thanks for your response. A greeting.

I said Lost copter beep, but I also want auto Land, or another function in channel 9 and 10.

There is nothing to activate so it likely is the setup of your transmitter and receiver.

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I has plug the receptor to pixhawk by ppm, your answer give me a solution, plug by sbus.
The problem is solved.