Ch7 Opt menu not available [SOLVED]

Hello. I’ve just installed the latest version of mission planner but I can’t save waypoints as the Ch7 Opt menu is not available and hence is set to “nothing” on the basic tuning screen. Just wondering if anyone else has come across this problem and can point me in the right direction (no pun intended!). I have just loaded the 3,5.0-rc2 Beta rover firmware for testing and I updated the Mission Planner to 1.3.62.

Any help much appreciated.



I havent used rover in a long time but,
You might have to look in the full parameter list if there isn’t a CH7 Opt user interface implemented in mission planner for rover. In the full parameter tree just look for ch7 opt and change the value to what your channel 7 to be.

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That is indeed what I have had to do with some betas recently.

Thanks Jose, I’ll give it a try.

No luck, see screen shot of full parameter list but no options shown for Ch 7.

RC7_Option has the same functionality of as the old Ch7_Opt. Now you get options for each channel rather than being limited to only 7 to 12. Just required a change in name to add the new functionality.

edit, if you got to beta of mission planner you will get the options and descriptions of the new parameter. Or you can control f and click Param gen cust and wait 5 mins and restart.


Isn’t this stuff in the Wiki or am I wrong. I’ve seen a lot of blanked out stuff in Mission Planner and you just need to go to the Wiki to figure out what it should be set at.


I’ve got it sorted out. Yes, I went to the wiki and found the list for RC7_OPTION and set it to 7 for saving waypoints. Many thanks for everyone’s help. Much appreciated.


I think updating the Mission Planner will also solve this problem.

MP beta was updated perhaps 2 weeks ago to properly show the auxiliary channel options from the Basic Tuning page.


I still have this issue with MP 1.3.66 and Arducopter 3.7.0-dev

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Yes, for Copter-3.7 (not yet released) this is still an issue. I’ve raised an issue for MP here. I’m sure it’ll get fixed before we start beta testing Copter-3.7 but I agree it’s a bit inconvenient for those of us on the bleeding edge (me included)

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Any reason why we can’t make the options through ch12 or even 16 available from that MP screen?

I got the latest beta for cube imu failure detection, but I still only see ch6, 7 and 8 on the tuning page. I still need to go through the params to set channels >8. Is there an even newer beta?

QGC works fine :thinking:, I’m using QGC most of time recently.