CH7 Camera trigger not working since 3.5.5

Here is my configuration working with AC 3.4.6 :

  • a Cam Remote connected on the CH 7 Main Out (Pixfalcon),
  • Cam Remote connected with my camera (Parrot Sequoia) with usb,
  • CH7_OPT = “Camera trigger”,
  • CAM_TRIGG_TYPE = “Servo”,
  • CAM_SERVO_OFF = “1500 ms”,
  • CAM_SERVO_ON = “1900 ms”

My camera takes pictures each time it does, with QGC or with the RC.

With AC 5.5.5 (and 3.6-rc) with the same parameters and connections, the camera never takes pictures !!

The Cam Remote as a “PWM tester mode” which allows me to monitor the CH7 output :

  • with 3.4.6 I see 1,5 s when OFF and 1,9 s when ON, and the camera shoots when ON,
  • with 3.5.5 (or 3.6-rc) I see 0 s for OFF and ON, and the camera never shoots !!

When I flash back to 3.4.6, all is working again …

Is there something different in CH7/Camera trigger between 3.4.6 and later versions ?

Thanks for your help

Probaply a bad vacuum pump. Or you could post dataflashlog ? :slight_smile:

… or perhaps a thermal regulator problem !

But I can confirm that with 3.5.5 the OUT 7 doesn’t send any PWM signal, in my case.

What kind of logs should I look for ? My “dataflashLogs” directory is empty :cry:

I don’t know why, but I haven’t this problem with an other FC : Pixhawk 3 Pro
Cam trigger works ok with all versions of AC.

So maybe a problem with the Pixfalcon ?

Did you set SERVOx_FUNCTION? Value 10 should be for camera