Ch6 to Aux1 possible?

Hello. im new here. I use a Pixhawk with a DX6i.
My Question is, Is it possible to change any settings so i can use my channel 6 to get it to AUX1?
Because i have only 6 channel, I don’t use a camera and in normal,
the AUX1 is working from channel 7 oder higher,
I want to switch some lights on & off with this channel.


Yes, you can do a pass-through from input channel 6 to output channel 9 (AUX1) by setting RC9_FUNCTION to 56 (note: this will change in Copter 3.5 to SERVO9_FUNCTION:

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thank you. i will try it. :slight_smile:

do i have to set bye RC6 “pass throught”?
and bye RC9 PC6in oder only RC9 to setup?

Hi Enrico,

If you set RC6 to pass-through it will pass input from RC input channel 6 to RC output channel 6. So the answer is no, if you don’t want to pass channel 6 input to channel 6 output.

I’m sorry, I didn’t understand this question.

im Sorry my English is not the best. Im from Germany. :wink:
i have try to set up the TX channel 6 to “RCIN6” on RC9. But nothing happens… the servo (only for test) don’t move.

Do you have a safety switch? If yes, have you tried pressing it?

hahahahah omg… thank you for your help ^^ but it was my fault ^^ i have wrong turned the servo pluget in… lol
now it works just fine. :slight_smile:

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