Ch3in and ch3out difference


I have a problem related my throttle output.
I just bought a fixfalcon and i installed it on my zmr250 frame.The issue is even the throttle is %10 (pwm around 1100) throttle output shows 1700- 1800.As a result of this, the quadrotor hovers at %10 throttle and begins to decent due to low throttle level when switched to altitude hold flight mode. The throttle channel does not pass through. How can i solve this problem. What could be reasons?

Similar issue as this [Solved] Bad altitude hold with 3.4-rc5

It would be best to include a dataflash log. It could certainly be the MOT_THST_HOVER parameter being too low (it’s updated automatically as you fly but it can get confused if the vehicle is armed but propellers are off or battery is not plugged in). If you switch to AltHold mode and put the stick at mid then it should hold altitude though.
Anyway, a dataflash log should help get to the bottom of it.