CH3 RC out delay

It was suggested by a respected member of RC Groups to contact you, the developers, of an Issue I have.
Current setup of 2 crafts:

450 QUAD
20A 20A Mini Simonk ESCs
3DR IRIS motors
PixHawk 2.4.8
Firmware 3.3.3
FrSky X8R Rx connected SBUS
FrSky XJT Tx module in a Turnigy 9x Tx modified with SmartieBoard 9xtreme

550 HEX
AirGear 350 motor/ESC set
Same FC, Rx and Tx

Since before the Tx mod, (Stock Turnigy 9x with 9X8Cv2 Rx and PPM converter) I would experience a motor shut off delay.
IE, the motors are still powered after cutting throttle.
I posted the logs for both craft in RC Groups and sure enough, they pointed out there is a delay between RCIN and RCOUT on Ch3.

The crafts “bounce” on contact during any automated landings - motors do not shut off instantly like what I see my friends posting.

Could someone take a look at the logs and see if there is any solution to this issue?!AprfPj_G_uQcmccFZrSmIMR3VSXNxg
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I still can’t find anything to exlain this PM.Hoping someone here with a bit of code knowledge can spot something (so include the graphs) and determine whether it’s feature in the code or something else.But I have found exactly the same behaviour on my Nova Pro with a Pixhawk fitted.I must admit it doesn’t bther me and I’ve never really noticed it.

And the Nova Pro graph.

So I’m guessing that this is what a Pixhawk does on landing.

Crazy thing here is this is what I saw with my APM2.8 as well.
That is why I upgraded to Pix - motor shutdown on ground contact during auto landings.

This is what I am looking for:

This is what I get:

Looks like it is time to ask the commercial devs

@Leonardthall, any ideas?


I have also suffered from the same problem. Throttle Response Delay .
Any help!!

No answers? I would have hoped it was reviewed by now.