Ch IN, but no CH OUT

Cannot find anything on this problem on line, so here goes:

Up until just a day or two ago, I was able to see all the Ch_IN and Ch_OUT traces for roll, yaw, throttle, and pitch on the “flight data” screen (tuning subscreen) in Mission Planner. All inputs were matched by appropriate outputs, both in direction and in amplitude. I was able to arm the flight controller, but was not able to control the throttle - the motors went to high speed upon arming, then would shut down after about 5 seconds (MOT_SPIN_ARM param is set at 60, and the arm spin duration is set to 5 seconds). Could not spin the motors in the motor spin test.

After the copter went into dis-arm, I disconnected the battery, whereupon I no longer was able to see the Ch_OUT traces for any of the channels. Re-connected the battery - no Ch_OUT traces. Checked and re-checked all wiring - no Ch_OUT traces. Swapped flight computers with an older one (which worked the last time I powered it up) - no Ch_OUT traces. Swapped the old flight computer for the new one - no Ch_OUT traces still.

Anyone have any ideas here?

(sorry, but no logs are available for these events - can’t get the logging part of the flight computer to work just yet - trying to solve one problem at a time.)

APM 2.9, Arducopter firmware V 3.2.1

If you disconnected the battery did you disconnect the power source to pixhawk? If so once you do that no more logging. Am I misunderstanding here?

No, the APM was connected to Mission Planner via a USB the whole time.

I have also tried powering up from a complete system shut-down (desktop computer, Mission Planner, USB connection to the flight computer hooked up, but without having connected the copter’s battery to the flight computer) but still no Ch_OUT traces.

Disarmed due to gas principle and right arm for 5 seconds disarmed ----> armed and you will have gas, you can also arm arming check “0” and save it!