CCW Motor is turning CW and CW is turning ccw

Hello, I’am working on my first X-Style quadcopter, but now at the end I’am running into a weird situation.
As mentioned in here I connected the ccw motors with crossed cable to the ecs’s.
But all motors are turning the wrong way around.

The motors are installed to the frame as followed:

But they are spinning:

In APM Planner I’am using the X style frame style.
I even tested another motor to flightcontroller (pxfmini) pin channel configuration.
First it was:
1 2
3 4

Now it is like this Image
3 1
2 4
Motor 1 is in channel 3, motor 2 is in channel 1
Motor 3 is in channel 3, motor 4 is in channel 4

I searched the forums but did not came across any similar prolem, maybe I missed some.
Does someone ran into a similiar problem, or am I not thinking right?
Help much appreciated, thanks in advanced


CW, CCW is to be respected. Motors are connected to ESC with 3 wires. If after first check, motor rotation is not right, you just have to invert two wires to change sens of rotation.

When all CW and CCW problems are sorted, you can proceed further and install propellers for first flight.


Hi Marc, thank you for your answer.
I am pretty sure I conntected the wires from the motors to the escs correctly.
It somehow weird that ccw motors turn cw and cw motors turn ccw.

Ingo, FYI, Sounds confusing I know, but the only difference on a CW-CCW motor is the thread direction cut on the shaft for the prop nut. Nothing else.
You control rotation direction of motor with wiring change or-if your ESC software allows, that way.