Cause of this hover jump? log attached

Any idea what caused this throttle jump while hovering at the end of this flight? You can see the current spike.

Background: New quadplane tailsitter build. Successfully had a Q autotune session and 2 flights with transition. On the last Q landing I could hear the motors “wobbling” a bit as if it was out of tune or something was loose. So, I changed batteries just to do a q hover. I could still hear that something was amiss and towards the end the throttle blipped and the craft climbed a couple feet. I landed immediately. It was pretty cold out. Around 35f.

During the flight I was getting unhealthy AHRS but not sure why.
I see “AHRS: EKF3 active” and “EKF3 IMU0 is using GPS” at the same time as the blip
Previously it showed “EKF3 IMU1 is using GPS”

Any input appreciated.

Log file HERE