Cat Tailsitter Realfight model not present?


This video demonstrates the use of a dual-motor non-vectored tailsitter in Realflight 9.

I noticed that this model is no longer present in the repo, instead there is a vectored version of it SITL_Models/RealFlight/Released_Models/QuadPlanes/Tailsitters/SkyCat_TVBS at master · ArduPilot/SITL_Models · GitHub.

  1. Can I still find this model somewhere? Or perhaps is there another non-vectored one available?
  2. If not, can I configure the vectored tailsitter not to use the tilt motors?

I have one not sure if it something you need but works well overall. SITL_Models/RealFlight/WIP/Brandon at master · ArduPilot/SITL_Models · GitHub

Thanks a lot! I ll try them for sure. By the way I think I found what I was looking for here SITL_Models/RealFlight/WIP/Tridge/TailSitters/Cat at master · ArduPilot/SITL_Models · GitHub.

Hi @Quadzilla I used your model found here SITL_Models/RealFlight/WIP/Brandon/Paco at master · ArduPilot/SITL_Models · GitHub and I have a question. I noticed that:

Do you know how can I get rpm data for the other motor as well? I am trying to create a synthetic dataset for tailsitter modelling and I need both motors rpm.

EDIT: Perhaps any config here?