Capturing the swash plate range

Am setting up my Trex 450 with APM2.5. I followed the wiki :–

After I pushed the “manual” button in the MP, I started to change the collective pitch on my radio to set the minimum pitch (-2 deg), hovering pitch (5 deg) and maximum pitch (10 deg). I then move the throttle stick (which actually controls the pitch) so the pitch becomes zero, then I pushed the “zero” button in the MP. After that, I pushed the “save” button in the MP, but the blades changed to lower values for all the 3 pitch values (instead of -2, 5 and 10 deg, they changed to -7, -2 and 4 deg).

My ESC is connected to Ch8 of APM.

Pls advise what have gone wrong.

I think what you’re seeing is an actual problem with the code. I have seen it too, but haven’t gotten around to fixing it.

I recommend adjusting the Col_min and Col_max manually in the Full Parameters List, and then Set H_Servo_Man to 1, and then back to 0 for every change you make. This is necessary to force some recalculations. Unfortunately this is a bit of a pain, but the easiest way to do it for now.