Can't upload over Chibi firmware with Mission Planner

Struggling to work out where this fits best. I have a Chibi build based on Rover 3.3 installed on a Cube. Somehow my guru got it to initially upload, and has uploaded a revised version over the top. He’s gone on leave, and I need to test a new firmware.

Just trying to use the default Rover 3.4 I get this:

Trying with default firmware:
Detecting board version
Is this a Pixhawk
Downloads 3.4
Scanning comports (flashing left hand light)
Error uploading firmware - no response from board

Connected by USB. COM port and baud rate work fine to connect over MAVLink (but I make sure I’m not connected before I try the upload).

I have the whole development environment but can’t work out how to upload using waf from Windows to be able to try something other than Mission Planner.

Anyone else running Chibi and trying to upload via MP?


if you’ve got the binary built, then it could be uploaded with the MP’s “load custom firmware” link. The MP failing to upload is probably just a timing issue. The flight controller is only in bootloader mode for the first 5 seconds or so after being plugged in. The other possibility is that the MP version is slightly old and it may not be able to upload the ChibiOS firmware. Maybe try the MP’s beta version? it can be installed from the MP’s About menu, down on the bottom left of the screen.

This is a brittle part of the flow, one I have struggled with for months. Some are able to upload a Chibios custom firmware with MP, but the only way I have been able to do this for F4-based FC’s is to flash them with iNav first, then flash the revo mini bootloader with dfu-util, then and only then will MP recognize the FC and allow flashing of a new firmware.


Thanks, I’ll try that!

Ah, this would mean the board has no bootloader on it at all. I wasn’t aware this was happening so I’ll check with Tridge and see what he says.

OK, got it sorted. MP wasn’t showing the “unplug the flight controller” dialog - if you unplug and replug it when it’s “searching for comports” then it works. Now it IS showing me the dialog box. @#$%@$#@^@%$^

I just received this same error today uploading 3.6-rc2 from RC-1 Quadcopter Nuttx . I been flashing a lot moving back revs and forward testing unplug hit ok is working but its sends a timeout. Seems like I am locked into r-1 at this time. thanks.

I would love a step by step on this as well. So far i been able to fork, download to master and cd to the directory using cyg. but unsure of the make command strings and environments.

So the unplug when it starts scanning doesnt work for you? It’s working for me now.

no it seems not to recognize any firmware odd. I probably need to load another model to trick it.

here is some infomation on building :

more information on building coad