Can't update copter 4.0 in Mission Planner


I try to load the copter 4.0 firmware in the Mission Planner but only Copter 3.6.11 is visible. What I’m doing wrong? Is maybe my Pixhawk (2.4.6) to old for this firmware version?

Many thanks in advance


You have to click on “beta firmware”, then you’ll see 4.0

I already did this…I can only see Rover and Plane 4.0.0 BETA

Update Mission Planner to latest beta.

I’m using MP build 1.3.7241.30827 and i could update to 4.0, but i had to click on “beta firmwares” several times; maybe there is something wrong with their server

@dkemxr Thanks for the hint. I updated Mission Planner to the latest beta and it works.

hey can you please tell me how to update to the latest beta version pleaseeeee

If you are talking about updating Mission planner to latest Beta go the Help screen and click the “check for beta updates” button at the bottom.