Can't turn in Auto?

Hi all,

Been having an odd problem for a while now with my rover- I can only drive in straight lines in STEERING and AUTO mode. The motors will not even twitch when moving the roll stick back and forth.

I tried decreasing the controller deadband for various channels and toggling the REVERSE boxes on ROLL and THROTTLE first individually, and then both together.
RC_DZ doesn’t seem to have an effect. Toggling one REVERSE box makes the robot only able to turn in STEERING mode instead of going continuously straight. Toggling both means controls are reversed, but the robot can still only go in a straight line.

The rover drives fine in Manual; no turning problems whatsoever.

Rover is a T-rex shell with a Sabertooth 2x12 motor controller and a Pixhawk nav system. Sabertooth DIP switches 1-6 are set to DOWN, UP, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, UP. SKID_STEERIN is 0 and SKID_STEEROUT is 1.
All necessary calibrations have been completed (controller, accelerometer, etc.) and there are no warnings on arming.
I’m using the newest version of Mission Planner as my UI. (1.3.44)

Any tips?

1 1-29-2017 6-31-02 PM.bin (1.6 MB)
1 1-29-2017 6-31-02 PM.bin.log (3.3 MB)

I need to see a log file to diagnose this issue.

Do you have a link to the exact Sabertooth controller you have please.

Thanks, Grant.

Hi Grant,

Thanks for getting back to me- I’m using a 2x12 Sabertooth. I’ve edited my post to include a log file now, as well.

Try putting SW5 in the UP position.

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the help- no luck so far.

I switched dipswitch 5 on the Sabertooth to the UP position. Controller sensitivity in MANUAL mode increased a lot, but STEERING mode seemed unaffected: I still can’t turn.

I’m attaching that log below for reference:

2 1-29-2017 6-46-40 PM.bin (1.5 MB)

Your PID’s are too low
STEER2SRV_D 0.0000 0.0050
STEER2SRV_I 0.0000 0.2000
STEER2SRV_P 0.1000 1.8000
The left column is your values - the right is the defaults. I suggest changing back to the defaults and trying again.

Thanks, Grant.

Nice catch Grant. Definitely so low that the ROV would be past the waypoint if it had to go through a turn to the next waypoint.
Note to ArduRover members: Start with the default settings and adjust as necessary. The default settings will get you into the ballpark where you can start fine tuning.

@gmorph @TCIII

Thanks for all your help! The PIDs were indeed the problem- I didn’t realize they would affect steering so dramatically.

Glad its working again.
Thanks, Grant.