Cant store waypoints with ch 7 on pixhawk

I’m using rover 3.12 on a pixhawk and also using a taranis radio.I can drive in manual mode perfectly.
I can put in learning mode but it is not recording the way points on ch 7.I’m using sbus.
Do I have to connect the pixhawk and receiver so that ch 7 records waypoint? What am I missing?

I assume that you followed the setup instructions in the Example Configuration for the Rover?

Have you verified using the Radio Cal setup that channel seven is going high-low-high PWM wise (1900us - 1100us) when flipping the switch up and down?


Yes,I have set those params in config tuning. I am using MP
on X8R receiver I only have SBUS(rc in) and ch 1 and ch 2 connected.
Channel 7 switches from 1100 to 1900 on radio cal page.When i set mode to learning and try to
set waypoints by flicking 2 position spring loaded switch (SH) on taranis.When I bring home and set auto
The rover go’s crazy.sometimes it will go forward and jerk,other times it just go’s straight forever.