Can't send data from Mission planner to Realflight 9 SITL

Hello, I’m new here. I searched that there’re no problem or post about connecting Mission Planner to RF9.

I already followed the tutorial from ardupilot wiki for how to connect to flightaxis using mission planner. Well, the tutorial is for arducopter, though I use the arduplane firmware. I followed thoroughly until it is said the flightaxis has activated, the mission planner gain access of the plane data. But i cant seem to control the plane from MP, the arm and disarm button didn’t get applied to the plane in RF9, as well as any other input from the mission planner. It’s the same result with arducopter firmware and the quadcopter model provided from the wiki.

It seems that RF9 accepted to send data to MP but refuse to get data from MP. Even the first time it connected, I can’t control anything from my transmitter unless i recalibrate my controller from RF9.

I don’t know if its hardware or software related problem, cause I see a lot of successful SITL, but not with me :slightly_frowning_face:

I use Windows 10 and RF9 from Steam, and FS-T6 and universal dongle for the interface.

Thank you!