Can't Run SITL on Ubuntu 12.04

I am trying to set up the SITL simulation on an Ubuntu machine. When I run from the ArduCopter directory, I get the error “unrecognized command line option ‘-std=gnu++11’”, and the build fails. When I run it from the ardupilot directory, it fails to change to the vehicle directory. Any suggestions?


Have you added the following lines to the end of your .bashrc file?

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/jsbsim/src
export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/ardupilot/Tools/autotest
export PATH=/usr/lib/ccache:$PATH

I was able to solve the issue! My C compiler was too old and didn’t recognize some parts of the new C standards. Once I updated it and set the new version to be the default, the simulation runs. Thanks for the reply!