Can't run motors from transmitter

I’m having some difficulties about the motors. I have done all of the calibrations and they work ok, when I test the motors from the mission planner they work fine, but when I try to run them from the transmitter they don’t run and I’m kinda lost now. I’ve read a lot about how to connect the motors which settings to use, but nothing helps so far. The settings I’m using now are on servo output 1-Throttle left, 3-Throttle right, motor C and D are working on test, RC_MAP are 2,1,3,4 I’m using pixhawk 2.4.8 and transmitter Flysky FS-I6, and receiver FS-IA6B, using brush motors graupner SJ 700 BB turbo and ESC type I’m using: BrushedBiPolar

Hi first if all get rid of brushed motors and install brushless motors and Escs .They are not that expensive.After calibrating Accel ,compass ,radio in mission planner disconnect usb from the flight controller. Turn off the TX set you throttle stick high turn the TX on now connect your battery to the Quad after you hear one beep with red blue light disconnect the battery and connect it back in and after you another beep lower the throttle stick and you will hear the ESCs beeping again red and blue light flashing after no more beeps you should be all armed.try throttle up your motors should spin in sequence .I have the same RX and Tx as yours,
Try It good luck

I would assume this is a Skid Steer Rover with Throttle Left and Right setup (and brushed motors)? If so post in the Rover thread.

May-be prearm check can’t arm your copter , please check your attention (message)
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Tony,
I did everything u said, I switched the motors and the ESCs, but didn’t help. I can’t run the motors with TX while is connected to the pixhawk I tried to do the calibration, but I couldn’t I’m not hearing any sound.

Thank you for responding my question.
I resolved the difficulty that I had with the motors. I reset the pixhawk and started over, step by step from the documentation,calibrated everything again and then I was able to arm the system and run the motors even the brushed ones. And same setup, servo output 1 throttle left, 3 throttle right. I changed the settings on channel 3, start position to start from 1500 so on that way I’m able to use forward and reverse. Everything is running properly now I’m waiting for good weather to run it outside.