Can't Run Compassmot via CLI or Mission Planner

My setup:
TBS Disco with a Pixhawk
3DR GPS/compass combo
3DR Power Module running a 4S system
V1 3DR Air telemetry module connected to Telem1
Teensy 3.1 connected to Telem2 going to FrSky X8R for telemetry to Taranis
Running DJI 920kV motors and 30A OPTO ESCs
Pixhawk is running 3.1.5
Mission Planner is 1.3.7

I followed the compassmot instructions in the manual and connected the battery after I turned on the transmitter, then connected via USB to the laptop. On Mission Planner, I chose the correct COM port, clicked Terminal, set to Pixhawk, hit Connect, and it won’t connect upon reboot. It just spits out jumbled characters. If I arm, then it’ll show that text and then continue on with garbled text.
I found online that there is a way to do compassmot via the GUI so I tried that method and couldn’t get any data to show there either. I would be connected via USB at 115200, made sure the 3DR power module was set properly, and when I would click start on the Motor/Compass tab under Initial Setup, it wouldn’t show anything until I armed. Once armed, it would show the barometer was calibrated but nothing else. I could throttle up with the props on and it wouldn’t show a thing.
I have the props rotated and flipped, the quad taped down, USB cable taped down, and took all precautions as well.

I’m completely stumped now. Any ideas on what the problem could be? I’ve been battling this and AutoTune but have another idea for AutoTune when I get a chance to go fly again.

I just want to get this initial setup all taken care of and then move on to flying since everything else is set!

(I’m not familiar with PixHawk… but since no one has replied yet…)

Try disconnecting your telemetry module. Connect with USB, the open the CLI.

Okay, I gave this a try again today. This time, I made sure Telem 1 and 2 were both disconnected and I couldn’t connect to Mission Planner period! I assume this was some other Windows issues so I rebooted the computer and then tried to connect and I was able to get it running via CLI. I couldn’t do it via the normal GUI planner but it didn’t matter. Only 2% interference it looks like so I was happy to see that!
I’m not sure if it was disconnecting both telemetry items I had but I marked that as the answer as it seemed the most likely given what I was going through.