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Can't reverse Pitch servo in MP on Antenna tracker

Hello there,
after some ages I got myself again back to AT project, installed own build from repository sources and tried to make basic setup on it. My HW setup is this:
continuous pan servo
90 degree servo for pitch
on top of it sits RBPi 2 with PXF-Mini
When connected in MP I tested pitch servo range setting and realized that the check box for reverse of the servo is disabled :open_mouth: It makes me bit doubtful since reading documentation on setup AT servos I found this:

Lower pwm values should cause the tracker to aim down, higher pwm values to aim up. If this is not the case, the “Reverse” checkbox should be checked.

And of course in my case the situation is opposite: higher PWM values move antenna plate down and lower PWM values moves it up.
When tried to reverse servo movement direct in parameters nothing changed - servo is still moving in the same direction when testing on page “Extended Tuning”. Could anybody help me with this?
Next question is regarding MP - how can I switch between data/control from AT and followed vehicle, when connected to both?

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The same problems. Tried to reverse with many ways, reverse -0/1/-1 changing min and max - nothing

Does some developer read this section “Antenna tracker”? Does somebody have working AT in terms of reversing Pitch servo? Whatever I do, the servo on tab “Config - Extended Tuning” seems to moving contrary.
Next I can’t set the right position of Pitch servo when both - Vehicle and AR are at the same level. AT aims 45 degree up what ever I set on Extended Tuning tab for Pitch Servo:Neutral. Even when playing with Servo2:Trim parameter it still points 45 degrees up when mode is set to Auto.
Please help me to setup Pitch movement.
Yaw seems to working correct even though there is overshooting regardless D parameter is set. For now on yaw I have set these PIDs:
P: 0.3
I: 0.2
D: 0.01
IMAX: 4000
Rate Max: 2.0
Yaw servo is continuous, used slip-ring on the base, it works nice.

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