Can't resize Desc column in Full Parameter List

Somehow after upgrading to the latest MP (1.3.80 build 1.3.8479.20539)
I am stuck with a too-narrow Desc column in the Full Parameter List.
I can’t drag the column by grabbing the right side in the top of the table.
I can’t read all the info in the Desc field for many parameters. I have to copy their contents to a text file to find out what the rest of the text says.

Try updating to the latest beta.

OK, can you tell me where those are? I got this MP .msi from the Ardupilot docs. I don’t know where all the versions are kept. (noob)

Go to the help tab and there should be a update link at the bottom.

Thanks for your quick reply! That seems to have fixed the Desc column width problem. I don’t usually use Beta versions… Is there anything in here I ought to be wary of?

With Mission Planner, you really ought to use the beta releases. The firmware features rapidly outpace the stable release cycle for the GCS. There are few to no pitfalls in doing so.

That is great news. Thanks!