Can't play MissionPlanner/Arduplane V4.4.0 SITL Simulation with X-Plane 11, Help!

I can not play MissionPlanner/Arduplane v4.4.0 SITL simulation with X-Plane 11. When MissionPlanner is connected with X-Plane 11, aircraft’s aileron and rudder are moved all the way to the left and elevator is up. As they are fixed at that positions I can not fly the aircraft.

I could same SITL simulation with Arduplane V4.3. 8. So I belive this is a software bug. Please help me!

Have you found any solution? I am having the same problem, but with X-Plane 12

No, not yet. I’m looking foward developers will fix this problem soon.

I haven’t quite solved the problem yet, but I found some clues. The controls seem to be mapped to different axes than what SITL needs. So my ailerons and elevator are mapped to the toe brakes on my rudder pedals, which is why they all appeared to be at max deflection.
I’m trying to play with the xplane_plane.json file to remap the axes, I’ll let you know if I manage to fix it.

Sounds good!
I’m looking foward to here a good news from you soon.

quick update: no luck so far. I can reassign what each joystick axis does, but I can’t figure out how to reassign the axis number in the first place. Currently my rudder is Axis 1, elevator is Axis 51, and Aileron Axis 52, but I need to make them within Axis 1-6 in order for SITL to recognize them.
(Side note: my toe brakes are Axis 2 & 3, which means SITL thinks they’re for the ailerons and rudder. So in theory I can fly the plane with the toe brakes lol)

I ordered a rc controller that will plug into the usb port, hopefully that will work better. I’ll check back probably in a couple weeks.