Can't Output Servo Signals


We are remotely controlling a RC Car with a gamepad in our own app via a WiFi connected PixRacer. Our app is using the RC_CHANNELS_OVERRIDE MAVLink command. Our setup is working flawlessly on one of our PixRacer setups but not our other three. We have gone over the settings over and over and can’t figure out why it is not working.

For testing purposes we also tried connecting the PixRacer and Gamepad via USB to QGround Control.

I am measuring the PWM output of the servo channels with an electronic PWM measurement tool. Throttle and steering are fixed at 1500 the whole time - the values don’t change.

Attached is a dump of my params.

Also, these are the steps that I am following to set up a new PixRacer for this purpose:

  1. Flash PX4 firmware (to clear settings)
  2. Flash Ardurover 4.0
  3. Calibrate acc
  4. Calibrate compass
  6. Set MOT_SLEWRATE to 0, FS_ACTION to “Nothing”
  7. SERIAL1_BAUD to 115200
  8. Go to “Safety” > “Arming checks” > uncheck “All”
  9. Reboot
  10. Set mode to “Manual”

Any help is appreciated!

Pete_PixRacer1.params.txt (24.8 KB)

This was an channel mapping issue - resolved. Please disregard.