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Can't load firmware for Hexa to Pixhawk

Hi all,

New user to APM Planner using Pixhawk 2.0, having quite a lot of issues getting the Pixhawk to flash with Hexa firmware.

I have tried uploading custom firmware files but nothing seems to be working.

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated!

Can you provide a bit more information on what you are doing and why ‘nothing seems to work’?
What platform?
What custom firmware?
What ports?
What is wrong with stable firmware?

More details, more answers.

Now this is said in a humorous way, so smile - my first answer to your short question was going to be a short answer.
Nothing seems to be working - then you’re not doing it right! :grin:

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Got it working, it was APM Planner being the problem. Soon as I did the firmware update in QGroundControl it worked straight away. Thanks for the reply though Mike :grinning:

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