Can't Launch CLI from Terminal Tab

OK so I am trying to open a terminal window on my APM Planner.

I have a Mac with a USB cable to the APM Flight Controller.

I have set the Baud Rate to 115200

I select the USBModem

I click Connect and all I see is whats in the picture attached.

I have hit “Enter” 3 times and all that. What am I doing wrong?

I desperately need to do factory reset on my flight controler.

Thanks everyone!

Not sure how many times it’s been said now but CLI has been removed from 3,2 on apm2.5/2.6

I’ve put a sticky post here to help people find the info about the terminal and where the replacement commands are.

Thanks for that. I’m new to Ardupilot. In that case, is there an alternative method of doing a factory reset?

See link above,

But you can ‘reset to defaults’ by going to the Full Parameter View