Can't install misson planner on win 7 64

Hi! I have tried to install Mission planner on a Win 7 64 computer.But I only get message
that says I must install NET Framework 4.0.I did that but it still want’s Net Framework 4.0.
I think I read somewere that if you use win xp you should install NET.Framework 4.0.
But not on Win 7 :confused:

I have MP working well in W7 64, yesterday I re- installed with no problem, perhaps some issue with your computer? I have Framework 4 Client profile and extended; if it’s usefull for you.
The only problem that I have is that I can’t see the yellow lines in mission planning, I re-installed but nothing happens. If you need that I see an especial thing in my pc that can help’s you, please tell me.

I install 4.5 and now it works! Maybe it is my computer that it’s not ok?

Can you see the yellow lines in mission planning?

I install Net Framework 4.6。 my computer it’s ok. 2017.11.16