Can't identify flight controller

I found this (supposedly) PixHawk clone in my electronic “mess box” and I would like to know if someone can identify it.

Not shown is a separate board that contains an LED, magnetometer and USB connector. I would like to see if it works but am fearful that if I plug in the USB board (which will feed the controller 5V), into the wrong port, it will destroy the controller. So I’m asking not only for the manufacturer or possible source of the board, but also the pinout.

Note that support for this board is kind of spotty. Certainly mine is now in a drawer.

Thanks!. I hooked it up, and with a little fighting, I got it to install the latest FW.
Maybe it will even work! But I won’t put it on anything expensive…

A few months ago, I sent a big quad with an APM on an AUTO mission 4 miles out over the ocean to “visit” an island and take pictures. Telemetry was spotty, control was non-existent. For some reason, it lost GPS signal and the GPS failsafe was set to “LAND”. Which it did - in the water. Lost an expensive piece of hardware.