Can't get terminal window to work

I open the terminal window and select Pixhawk, choose the COM port, press connect, and all I get is garbage that continually prints. I’m using a Pixhawk 1 with Ardupilot. I want to analyze a flight failure and thought that looking at some files might help. But first I need to be able to use the terminal command line.

I followed the tutorial here but I can’t seem to make it work.

Any suggestions?

Exactly WHERE did you read about the terminal window in the tutorial that you linked ?

You have to scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to get to the two videos.


Those videos are seven years old. CLI is not used for years.
Just download the logs and open then in Mission Planner.

OK, thanks.

Start rant here: I have been trying to analyze important flight logs but find it to be a daunting job in Mission Planner. PX4 has a very nice Flight Review app that you upload the file to and get a beautiful report that is easy to understand and analyze. But the massive amount of data presented by Mission Planner flash logs is mind boggling. I’m just trying to get an education so I can get my work done. The fact that there are 7 year old obsolete tutorials still on-line in the resources I’m using doesn’t help a novice learn anything.

End rant.

Having said that, let me ask how I go about analyzing a flight to get the pertinent data regarding events and time lines so I can find out why a crash happens, or why a particular flight did something strange. That’s my goal. That’s what the PX4 Flight Review app does. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Besides the outdated videos which will be deleted, all other info is relevant in the docs. Indeed Ardupilot does not have automated tool which will tell you what went wrong. It needs some insights to find out what happened in a crash.

Hi, where can I find the terminal window in the newest MP version? I activated advanced layout in MP settings but the tab does not appear again. Could not find any notice in the manuals.

No Terminal. The Command Line Interface is long gone. From 2.5 yrs ago:
f) Command Line Interface (aka CLI) removed to reduce firmware size

When it was removed, what is the “Terminal” I just found at ->> Advanced ->> Terminal?

It’s the Terminal that was deprecated a long time ago.

Do you see a use for it other than duplicate buttons for Log Download or Log Browse?

I wanted to check if one of my flight controllers has that 1MB limitation or not by using command “ver all”. Is there another way to check that?

QGroundControl. At the Firmware tab after connecting USB it will give you a flash size. This is what a 1Mb Pixhawk looks like. The proper firmware for this board is Pixhawk1-1M

Great, thanks! Didn’t know that.