Can't get piezo buzzer to work properly

I’m hooking a KK2 buzzer to the ground and signal pins on A5 on an APM 2.5.2, and I can’t get it to work properly. It just beeps constantly. It makes a long beep when I arm the board, and then just goes back to regular and constant short beeps. I’m using AC 3.2.1. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Did you follow these ArduCopter Wiki instructions:

Yes, that’s what I did, except that there is no LED mode in Mission Planner for 3.2.1. As I understand it the buzzer and the external LED lights are always enabled in this version.

I’m still having trouble with the buzzer. I even bought the nifty little 3 in 1 device that has the buzzer and LED lights for arming and GPS. The lights work just like they’re supposed to, turning solid on armed and GPS lock, but the buzzer just beeps continuously. I’m wondering if I have a parameter out of whack in Mission Planner, or if it is a hardware or wiring issue. I’m powering the APM with the the 3dr brick and have set the battery parameters as suggested in MP. Suggestions?

I have exactly the same problem. Could you find a solution for this issue or has anyone else a suggestion. Thanks.