Cant get motors to run at all

Connected to mission planer and trying to run motor test. Can’t get the actual motor to spin. When doing so, I don’t get any errors. Running an ESC Cal and Motor test, no signal seems to be sent to the ESC to turn the motors on. Looking for some troubleshooting techniques to try out. Could it also be my parameters settings? Not 100% sure how the servo output translates over to my Power Module.

Need more info. What hardware? How is it wired? How is it powered? How are the parameters configured?

Pixhawk 6C, F35 BLHeli_32 ESC, SunnySki V3508-19 Motors
2024-6-11_Clarissas Parameters.param (16.7 KB)

What version of firmware is flashed? You should be using this one 6C Bdshot (Bdshot) and then configure for Bdshot. Move the Outputs as Yuri suggests and set these:

IOMCU is SERVO1-8. BDSHOT on 1-4, DSHOT on 1-8

IIRC it was the other way around, at least for Cube derivatives, maybe related to the old way of setting GPIO pins.

Yep. I spoke before engaging my brain, so let me try and fix my (now deleted) mistakes here. I apologize for completely confusing the issue!

DSHOT (and BDSHOT on selected pins) over IOMCU is a new feature. Unless you have a distinct need to use it, it’s probably best to simply use the FMU outputs for DSHOT on Copter firmware. Thus:

You should use the FMU outputs. They begin at SERVO9. Recommend SERVO9-12, on which BDSHOT should work just fine. All of @dkemxr‘s advice remains valid.

One point that in most cases won’t make a real difference is the IOMCU outputs will run up to Dshot300 FMU will do the most common Dshot600. At least that’s the last I heard and what I saw on a CubeOrange+.

Correct, and I’ve used DSHOT300 that way in a brief test.

I’ll add that Andy mentioned on Discord to use FMU outputs on Copter unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise.

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