Cant get crossfire radio input to mission planner

Hey all,
It should be stated this this is my first ardupilot build so bear with me,

I’m working with a Matek-H743 mini and have just started calibrating it in Mission planner. I am using crossfire for this build but I have so far been unable to get it to display any values in the Radio Calibration Tab. My Crossfire Nano is already bound to my receiver beforehand.

I connected it to a spare UART and set the corresponding serial port to these specs:


I also set RSSI_TYPE = 3

I am still not receiving any input, is there some obvious parameter I forgot to set? Or some incompatibility with the VTOL code and CRSF?
Any help is appreciated!

Crossfire probably works, but you have to flash Latest/Master 4.1 for that.

where can I find that firmware?

Or Setup / Install Firmware / All Options in Mission Planner.

that did it, thanks man