Can't get battery monitor alert levels to stick on the Pixhawk

Hello all,

I finished my first drone in Mid Jan and have just now been able to get a few hours on it so far. The build is:

RTFHawk 2.4.5
F550 frame
DJI e310 Tuned Propulsion System
telemetry radio
Taranis X9D w/x8r
5300mAh 3S battery

The first issue I would really appreciate some assistance on is getting the low battery alert value changed. I only enabled it for the first time yesterday but the screens to input the alert levels didn’t appear. During the next flight, the alert on the Drone sounded at around 50% battery remaining. After that flight, I unchecked the “MP Alert on low battery” and then re-checked. This time the boxes asking what levels I wanted it to go off appeared. I set the voltage to 9.6 volts and the percentage to 20%.

On the next and all subsequent flights, the alert still goes off around 50%. On one of the flights, When the alert sounded, I brought it down and hovered it a few feet above the ground until it wouldn’t fly any longer. It flew 6 1/2 minutes after the alert sounded. I have tried multiple times to change it to other values but the alert always go off at 50%. When I go back and re-check the box, the message boxes show the 10 volts and 20% from the last time I set it. Is there something I am missing that will write those values to the FC?

I will have many more questions later but this one is bugging me.

The battery alert coming from the aircraft is unrelated to the battery alert checkbox in MP. Parameters FS_BATT_VOLTAGE and FS_BAT_MAH are the parameters in Arducopter that trigger the low battery warning on the aircraft. And MP will alert you when those points are reached as well. If you have FS_BATT_ENABLE turned on, those parameters will also be the points at which the failsafe action takes place.

The MP Alert on Low Battery is a totally separate thing.

Well that makes sense. Thanks for helping out! I searched for quite a while and never figured that one out.