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Can't get auto mode to work

I’m using 3.2 beta on pixhawk.Manual mode works great. I can’t get it to go into auto mode correctly.
If I use mission plannner (newest beta) and set a mission it will go backwards at incredible speed.But not the mission I set.
I am using channels 1 and 2 for left and right steering(73 and 74) for servo 1 and servo2.I am using a sabertooth
esc for brushed motors.Also when I put in steering mode it takes off and randomly gos forward.
Bin file ttached

Hi all,

I’m at the same situation, MANUAL mode works good, but when I change to AUTO mode its a warning of “Flight mode change failed”. When I disarm it changes correctly.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.


The issue is probably that the vehicle doesn’t yet have a good position estimate. Maybe you’re indoors or the GPS isn’t working correctly?

Normally take it outside with a good view of the sky and the LEDs will turn green and then normally you’ll be able to switch into Auto mode. Basically, just give it a bit more time. If that still doesn’t work then it’s best to post a dataflash log file so we can see the details of what is going wrong. Instructions on how to download dataflash logs can be found here.

@larryaamati, Sorry I missed this report.
Your issue is quite different from @iker’s. I suspect what’s happened is both the input and outputs need to be reversed. the SERVO1_REVERSED, SERVO3_REVERSED values need to be changed. If manual is working correctly then I suspect the RC1_REVERSED, RC3_REVERSED parameters also need to be changed, or you can change it in the transmitter.

Thank you @rmackay9, but the GPS works correctly. In fact, the LEDs turn green and in my computer shows that it works correctly.

This issue is just for 3.2.0 version and with a RTK GPS. In the 3.1.1 version I can’t configure RTK GPS, but I can change flight modes.

Thank you,



To move beyond my advice above to just wait longer, I’ll need to see a dataflash log.

I’m Having the same problem did you ever Find out with the issue was ?

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