Can't fly Chinook SITL Model in RealFlight 9.5

Hello - I’ve been trying to recreate the flight Andrew Tridgell flew herein this video. I downloaded the .RFX and the .param file, loaded the model into RealFlight 9.5, and loaded and wrote the .param file into Mission Planner. I am using an OpenTX controller (Jumper T16). I seem to be able to fly the Chinook with the controller, but I cannot put it into any guided modes, PosHold, AltHold etc. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any yaw control. I even adjusted the H_YAW_SCALER parameter to -10, +10, and everything in between but this seemed to have no impact on performance. I have reconfiguring my controller about a 1000 times, changed the channels to match the InterLink profile (as detailed in the wiki) and have just been having a ton of issues getting SITL to behave in RealFlight. Any idea what I ammissing? I have been at this for weeks with several different vehicles and am running out of ideas. Thank you!

Edit: Oh and I should also add that I have tried the Chinook with both the Stable and Latest (dev) versions. I am not sure which one I am supposed to use (or if it matters) but I have not had success with either.

@chuckles I also had trouble with that in realflight. I played with it some and have it working. I hope to post the modified realflight model and parameter list soon. If not today then tomorrow. This one was a little harder to tune as it has a good bit of coupling. And the yaw axis control authority is weak.

Thanks @bnsgeyer. I’m glad it isn’t just me. Looking forward to trying it with your modifications. When you say you’re going to post it, where will that be? On github or elsewhere?

@chuckles So I finished up the tuning. Pitch and roll axes are pretty good. The yaw axis is still pretty squishy. I had to slow it down a lot to tune it. I also changed the realflight model and added more flapping to the rotors. If modeled correctly in realflight that will provide more control authority to the yaw axis. It seems like it worked.

You’ll want to load the model in realflight and get a switch set up on your realflight transmitter for channel 8 so you can switch the motor on and off. Start the SITL through mission planner. Load the parameter file once. then close the window that pops up when you start the SITL and then start SITL again. Load the parameter file again. This will ensure that all of the parameters were changed.

Here are the files. It has the updated realflight model and the parameters.