Cant finish AutoTune

The last 5 flights were all about autotune as I added a gimbal and a camera.
It never finished the autotune.
I cannot say what the problem is.
I already set the AutoTune parameter to “3” meaning only tune the roll and pitch axis.

The last flight was like the ones before:
I arm the copter in stabilize mode, launch and set the mode to althold.
Then I switch channel 7 to high so that the autotune starts… and the copter starts on rolling left and right to tune.

After a while the tuning stops but doesnt finish.
For example the last time it finished on tuning the roll axis and switched to tune the tilt axis.
After 22 sec oftuning this axis it stops… and just hold the altitude.
No beeping not finished.
I waited a few seconds… then switched to stabilized mode… turn autotune off…
fly a little… turn autotune back on to see if there is a difference (but it wasnt), landed and disarmed with autotune still on.

After this I switched autotune off, launched again in stabilize mode, turn althold on, switched autotune on and it continued to tune the tilt axis ?!?! (no roll axis movement).

after a while the battery went low and I had to land… autotune not finished… again.

I hope you can help me to find the problem here.