Cant find the FLTMODE_CH

i got a flyski i6 if its matters
im tryin to set up a flight mode and i see that
i dont have the setting for the flight mode channel
would be great if some one can help


It’s there and default is always Channel 5 for Copter.

I guess the user is using ArduCopter 3.2.1 and ommiting that fact!!

That would be annoying and posted in the wrong place if true. But you are right, back in the “old days” the Flight Mode channel was fixed to 5.

A screen capture showing the top bar of Mission Planner, as my example shows, would be helpful…

here you go hope it can help

i do use this version is it bad?

The APM flight controller hasn’t been supported in 7 yrs. In any case the Flight Mode channel is fixed to 5.