Can't find my Camera setup option in vehicle setup

I don’t know why i can’t find the “Camera” setup option even though the video streaming works well

And i have another confusing question. When I connect my joystick through Bluetooth, the Joystick setup will show up, but i wonder if it is only a joystick can be used. Because i can’t change the joystick to a RC controller like a Microzone MC6 controller. Is the problem because the firmware “ArduSub”? Maybe ArduCopter Arduplane don’t have this limit. But i m trying to build a ROV, so may be i can’t change the firmware.

Finally i solved it!!!

I reinstalled the QGC, and the Camera setup showed up.Even though I don’t know how to set the camera servo parameters for joystick control :smiling_face_with_tear:

Have you looked up this? Look at servo gimbals.

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