Can't find AIRSPEED_MIN/MAX in MP 1.3.81 (Plane 4.4.4)

I am just going through the quadplane documentation where it says that I can adjust AIRSPEED_MIN and AIRSPEED_MAX.

These are also listed in the full parameter list
but I cannot find them in the missionplanner. All airspeed related values start with ARSPD.

Airspeed sensor is activated and works (ARSPD_BUS:0, ARSPD_TYPE:1, ARSPD_USE 1)

Was the name changed or do I need to activate something else to see the AIRSPEED values?

Thank you

You’re looking in the parameter list for 4.6 dev. Unfortunately will default to the most recent list, not the latest stable. There’s a dropdown list at the top of the page to select the version you want.

I think what you’re looking for (in 4.4.4) is ARSPD_FBW_MAX

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Super, found it, thanks!