Cant figure out why its switching to RTL from STBL

Even when sitting on the bench my quad will randomly go to RTL then back to STBL. its doing it randomly, as in there is no pattern to it.
It has recently been trying to do it while flying. It will just start to drop from the sky then catches itself and carries on as normal until the next "episode"
I ahve scoured these forums to see if there are similar cases mention to no avail, and I have tried to figure out what might be happening.
I have lowered the battery failsafe to remove that from a possible cause. Completed compassmot, checked vibrtions. ( I “think” they are ok?) Recalibrated my ESCs, compass cal, etc.
Just now while I was pulling the logs it flipped to RTL a number of times? I had it in STBL mode so maybe someone here can see something obvious for this Naza convert.
Ive added the last two flights which were just hovers around my back yard to get the "glitch"
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
The second log it seemed worse with two definite instances of throttle loss.
Thanks in advance.

You have a lot of fly mode err; check in Mplanner fligth modes if your PWM values aren’t too near in two fligth modes. RTL is near Stab?

thanks for the input. Its strange right? like 9 attempts on that second log?
I actually have my RTL set on channel 8 so it on its on full switch.
I can sit and watch it randomly change to RTL just while watching it in MPlanner…
As a test I changed the plugs on my RX and re-assigned the channel 8. I didnt have any problems flying tonight, but I do still see random switching into RTL. its weird, but it flew well and I didnt have any instances while flying.
If anyone else has any input or thoughts it would be greatly appreciated.

I’d suggest turning on your RCIN logging. It will show you what your flight controller is seeing from your RC receiver. As cala2 suggested, it’s probably because your RC transmitter’s PWM signal for channel 8 is really near the edge of the band. If that’s the case normal PWM signal drift could cause it to go in and out of RTL. As stated, you can see what the PWM is for channel 8 in real time using Mission Planner, or you could enable the RCIN logging.

Thanks :slight_smile: Ill switch it on.
This could very well be the cause.
As I mentioned I swapped the plugs on my RX and re assigned the channels and it seems much much better.
Ill do some more testing and see how it goes.
Thanks again for the help :slight_smile:
Its greatly appreciated.

You have to move your PWM values on your transmitter or you are still at a risk